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EnerGold® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle Monoatomic Gold/ORMUS

No dyes!  No Fillers!  No Salt!  Not a matte-white, sandy, gritty "mystery-material"!
Sparkling, Iridescent Otherworldly Marvel with a 99.99%-Pure-Gold-Enriched Rosy-Golden Hue, Sparkling Iridescence, and Silky-Smooth Texture.

Our inimitable recipe of the purest ingredients will ensure that you will be mystified and astonished by EnerGold® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle Monoatomic Gold's cosmic beauty. (See video here.) While holding it in your hand, you will notice immediately its:
- Pearlescent glow: Touch it and spread a small amount between your fingers or on your skin. Observe it with a magnifying-glass in the sunlight and marvel at its sparkling iridescence.
- Near-weightlessness: Touch it and lift some with your finger. You will be amazed by its lightness, purity, and silky-smooth texture.
- Appearance of defying gravity: With some on your finger, slowly rotate your finger and notice the Monoatomic Gold's adherence to your finger and what appears to be self-magnetism.
Made with:
- Our own 200-ppm Colloidal Gold, our own Colloidal Platinum, our own Colloidal Silver, and our own Colloidal Copper
- 99.99%-Pure gold, platinum, silver, and copper ingots from our own colloidal solutions-making processes
natural magnetite oriented with the polarity of Earth's magnetic field.
- After the final processing, the precipitate is sun-dried, enabling infusion with the power of the sun's rays.  The end-result is a super-potent, gold-platinum-silver-copper-enriched other-worldly powder with a rosy-golden pearlescent phosphorescence.

Each specified size contains as much as 50% more in order to account for settling.  Packaged in a Clear-glass, Food-grade Jar.

Packed in X-ray-proof Bag.

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Note: Because everyone possesses a unique genetic composition and chemistry, one should consult his/her healthcare practitioner before use and also test for sensitivity, especially if one's chemistry is modified by medication.  And, if a sensitivity becomes apparent, cease use immediately.
EnerGold, LLC makes no claims on the uses or effects of EnerGold®.  Information on EnerGold® is provided for informational purposes only.  EnerGold, LLC is not responsible for misuse or side-effects as a result of use of EnerGold®, and the consumer accepts all responsibility.    Made in U.S.A.
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