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As a small group of medical and science researchers dedicated to Earth-centric living through intensive investigation into ancient practices, we had, several years ago, developed various products derived of the purest Earth-borne ingredients and most-scrupulous techniques.  After much refinement and adopting our products into our own lifestyles, we then decided, a couple of years ago, to launch our eBay and Amazon presence: The major reason for our wanting to test the market in these arenas had to do with our insistence on making sure that what we had developed would be received well by others.  We planned from the very beginning that, if we were to receive unfavorable feedback, we would end immediately our venture.  Moreover, we abhorred even the thought of engaging in a common practice of many "businesses" - that of planting positive reviews.  The knowledge of our possessing superior products derived of superior ingredients endued us with the confidence to pursue our venture and allow our superiority to become self-evident.  And did it happen: Within an unprecedented couple months' time, our products and our Customer Service became not only top-rated in both online marketplaces but also the highest-rated in the entire world, with, to this day, a great percentage of return customers worldwide.  One will note from the overwhelming number of 5-Star testimonials and Product Reviews that the stories are highly-detailed and are verified purchases from individuals from every part of the world.  

We are proud of our having created products that no-one else in the world can even attempt to make and are happy to share them with the rest of the world.  And we are extremely grateful to those that continue to express appreciation to us for their privilege of acquiring such beautiful, mystical formulations that have made profoundly-positive impacts on their lives.

So we invite you to view our various
YouTube videos, in which one will readily recognize the purity of our ingredients and ethics of our practices, and we encourage any questions that you might have by contacting us.

Thank you for your interest in EnerGold®.

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Gold-Platinum-Silver-Copper-Based Items
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Visit our channel for videos of our beautiful, inimitable formulations, and also our and and pages.
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Please perform all your research and be absolutely sure before making a purchase, as these beautiful creations involve very expensive ingredients and laborious processes. And, as such, no refunds can be issued.
All EnerGold® 24-Karat Gold in a Bottle Monoatomic Gold/ORMUS packed in X-ray-proof bags.

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Note: Because everyone possesses a unique genetic composition and chemistry, one should consult his/her healthcare practitioner before use and also test for sensitivity, especially if one's chemistry is modified by medication.  And, if a sensitivity becomes apparent, cease use immediately.
EnerGold, LLC makes no claims on the uses or effects of EnerGold®.  Information on EnerGold® is provided for informational purposes only.  EnerGold, LLC is not responsible for misuse or side-effects as a result of use of EnerGold®, and the consumer accepts all responsibility.    Made in U.S.A.
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